Opening Saturday Sept 18th

The Grief Gallery


By Grief Curator Charlene C Lam

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Jun 3 – Sept 14

A History of Pottery

Jun 3 – Sept 14

Black & White

Jun 3 – Sept 14


Current Exhibition

The Grief Gallery

London Design Festival 2021

Shoreditch Design Triangle

18 – 26 September

Exploring grief and loss through a creative lense.


Previous Exhibitions

Proof of Life

Clerkenwell, London

What do we leave behind?
Bodies and belongings
Memories and mementos
Evidence of who we were

Remembering Marilyn

This is how I want her to be remembered …

Illustrations commissioned in memory of my mother Marilyn.



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Craig’s Mother and The Jokes She Sent

Submitted by Craig Damrauer Who are you remembering?Lenore Damrauer What are you sharing?Jokes she sent to my kids during quarantine. What's the story behind them? For the first 100 days of quarantine, my mother would send both of my kids a letter. Each letter was...

Virginia’s Mama and Her Purses

Submitted by Virginia Meza Who are you remembering?Mi mama Chicha Bartrina At one of her birthday celebrations in her backyard, with a blue top, white pants and matching clutch designed by her granddaughter Celina. What are you sharing?Chicha's purses Why did you...

Flowers from Her Garden

Flowers from Her Garden

My mother had a green thumb. Alas, I did not inherit it. I inherited her poor sense of direction and her love of art, but in my hands, plants wilt and wither. She was so proud of her gardens. Roses, irises and hydrangeas were favorites. Her vases were often filled...


The Grief Gallery is a project by Grief Grit Grace and curated by Charlene C Lam. Visit for more resources and information about my approach to grief work.