The Grief Gallery by Grief Grit Grace is a space to explore loss and letting go. Death and grief. Life and living. Founded by grief curator Charlene Lam, who speaks, writes, delivers workshops, and produces exhibitions online and in-person about grief and loss. 

Why a grief gallery? Answer #1

When I was faced with the difficult task of clearing out my mom’s 3,000 square foot house after she died, my curatorial instincts kicked in. I asked myself:

“If I was to curate an exhibition about my mother, which 100 objects would I choose?”

That question would get me through that arduous process and eventually lead to the pop-up exhibition Proof of Life in Clerkenwell, London. This online grief gallery is a continuation of that practice of putting grief and its ephemera on display, as an invitation for people to think about and talk about their own experiences with grief and loss.

Why a grief gallery? Answer #2

The Power of the Plinth. As an independent curator, art lover and gallery goer, I’ve always been fascinated by what a difference a plinth makes. Putting an object on a plinth elevates it — literally and figuratively. People see the object differently. It’s been deemed important — by someone. Well, the people we lost and their associated objects and stories are important — to us. They deserve at least a moment on the proverbial plinth.

Why a grief gallery? Answer #3

Art has the power to connect personal experience with universal experiences. Everyone will experience death and loss at some point in their lives. It is personal. It is universal. Let’s embrace art and design and their ability to connect people (with themselves and others).

How else do you work with grief?

That question — “If I was to curate an exhibition about my mother, which 100 objects would I choose?” — was the key to completing the onerous task of emptying her house.

It also unlocked the Collect, Curate, Create framework that guided me through my own grief journey and helps me guide others through theirs. I write and speak about grief under the name Grief Grit Grace. You can read more about my approach to grief work at GriefGritGrace.com

And thanks for visiting!

– Charlene Lam, Grief Curator

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The Grief Gallery is a project by Grief Grit Grace and curated by Charlene C Lam. Visit www.griefgritgrace.com for more resources and information about my approach to grief work.





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