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Next gathering:
Wednesday, Oct 26th, 2pm NYC / 7pm UK

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Pull up a virtual chair and join curator and grief coach Charlene Lam for The Grief Gallery’s monthly gathering on the last Wednesday of the month at 2pm ET / 7pm UK time.

Where and when:
We will meet via Zoom meeting the last Wednesday of the month at 2pm ET / 7pm UK time.

What to expect: We’ll start off with some creative inspiration, with Charlene sharing a piece of art, design or writing that touches on grief and loss. Then we’ll open it up for discussion.

Feel free to bring an object to share on the virtual gallery plinth: An item or the story of an item you’ve kept after a loved one died. Alternatively, there’s no pressure to turn on your camera or to speak if you do not wish to –– all curious and kind grievers are welcome!


Next gatherings:
Wednesday, Oct 26th, 2pm NYC / 7pm UK
Wednesday, Nov 30th, 2pm NYC / 7pm UK


Why a Grief Gallery?

When my mom died 9 years ago, I was working as an independent curator in London. My pop-up exhibitions showcased the work of designers, makers and artists, under the names Creative Clerkenwell and The Creative Edit.

When it came time to pick out an urn for my mom’s ashes, I commissioned a custom porcelain urn from an East London ceramicist whose work I loved.

That was the start of my work as a Grief Curator. Over the years, I’ve commissioned illustrations, paper art and photoshoots in memory of my mom and others’ loved ones. I’ve presented exhibitions in London, Brooklyn and Toronto about grief and loss.

Channeling my grief into creating and commissioning work from designers and makers has been an incredibly rewarding and healing experience.

After an extended period of grief and loss on many levels, I invite visitors to explore the universal themes of grief and loss through this creative lens. Out of darkness and pain, we can craft beauty and create meaning.

- Charlene C Lam, Grief Curator


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The Grief Gallery was founded by curator and grief coach Charlene Lam.

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Join us for The Grief Gallery's monthly grief gathering the last Wednesday of the month.

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