London Design Festival 2021

The Grief Gallery at London Design Festival 2021
Part of the Shoreditch Design Triangle, 18-26 September

Grief and loss explored through art and design

After an extended period of grief and loss on many levels, visitors are invited to explore these universal themes through creative work commissioned in memory of loved ones.

Featured designers: Amanda Li Hope, Jo Davies, Poppy Chancellor, Yeesan Loh

Curated by Charlene C Lam

Presented by The Creative Edit x Grief Grit Grace


Memorial Pendant

Bespoke jewellery for a loved one's ashes


Jo Davies

Porcelain Urn

A special commission




An acknowledgement of loss

Yeesan Loh


Loved one’s belongings, captured in watercolour



Conversation: Channeling Grief into Creativity



Curator Charlene C Lam gives a guided tour of The Grief Gallery and has an engaging conversation with UK ceramicist Jo Davies. Replay coming soon.


Why a Grief Gallery?

When my mom died 8 years ago, I was working as an independent curator in London. My pop-up exhibitions showcased the work of designers, makers and artists, under the names Creative Clerkenwell and The Creative Edit.

When it came time to pick out an urn for my mom’s ashes, I commissioned a custom porcelain urn from an East London ceramicist whose work I loved.

That was the start of my work as a Grief Curator. Over the years, I’ve commissioned illustrations, paper art and photoshoots in memory of my mom and others’ loved ones. I’ve presented exhibitions in London and Brooklyn about grief and loss.

Channeling my grief into creating and commissioning work from designers and makers has been an incredibly rewarding and healing experience.

After an extended period of grief and loss on many levels, I invite visitors to explore the universal themes of grief and loss through this creative lense. Out of darkness and pain, we can craft beauty and create meaning.

– Charlene C Lam, The Grief Curator


Why a grief gallery? Learn More

The Grief Gallery was founded by curator and grief coach Charlene Lam.

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