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Poppy Chancellor is a Brighton-based illustrator who specializes in papercutting. After the loss of her dad, she started The Griefcase. Through monthly meet-ups and Instagram @thegriefcase, she’s created an an inspiring platform for people grieving to share their experiences through poetry, writing and artwork.

This piece was the first time I acknowledged publicly (and to myself) that I was grieving. It had been three years since dad died when I made this. Three years of pushing it down, brushing it to the side and simply surviving it. Making this let me acknowledge what had happened, that I was in pain and I belonged to a club that no one wants to be a part of.”

“Talking about loss and continuing the conversation of grief is something I’m still learning about. All I know is, connecting with others who’ve lost loved ones, has been a light in the darkness for me.

Creating @thegriefcase and meeting with others on a monthly basis to speak about the things no one else could understand has been one of the many wonders of getting to know grief.”


More of Poppy’s Work

I Carry Your Heart With Me

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Their Chair Will Always Be Empty …

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About Poppy Chancellor

After studying illustration at Kingston University she went on to study at the Royal Drawing School where she started making customised paper artworks for friends and family. Creating personalised art pieces is a practice she has continued to refine with her private and commercial clients over the past seven years.

Poppy specialises in papercutting workshops for brands, events and festivals including Latitude Festival, Bestival and is a regular at The Handmade Festival at Hampton Court. She has taught hundreds of people at iconic venues such as The Royal Academy of Art, The V&A Museum and The Southbank Centre.

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